Boston’s Memorial Day Flag Garden

Boston Common Memorial Day Flag Garden

Every Memorial Day Weekend since 2009, a pretty great tradition goes on display on the Boston Common. Hundreds of volunteers plant 37,000 American flags – one flag for every Massachusetts fallen soldier since the Revolutionary War – in a “flag garden” that remains for the duration of […]

New Book from We Report Space

We Report Space

Super short post to share some awesome news. Some of my SpaceX CRS-3 NASA Social photography was included in an excellent new book called We Report Space. The full-color book documents Florida launches starting from March 2014 through December 2015 and many contributors to the […]

Life with An Old Rescue Dog, One Month In

Brooke the dog laying on a blanket

Adopting a new dog is never easy. There are new routines to establish and new behaviors to be taught (and oftentimes old behaviors to undo). Many dog rescuers will lament that adopters always seem to want puppies and that a mama dog will stay behind […]

Welcome home, Brooke!

Grandpa Brooke the elderbull

On April 19, 2016, I did a pretty crazy thing. I took the day off from work and drove 180 miles south to New York City to adopt a dog. Not just any dog – a 13-year-old pittie who was dumped at the shelter by […]

Part 1: Getting to and eating through Lisbon


I didn’t grow up in adventurous household so it has taken me many years to get to the point where taking a leap into the unknown is a comfortable feeling. So when we randomly picked Portugal on the map and booked a trip, it was […]